From the Chair

– Arthur Willetts –

Good day SBE Chapter 16 Members!  With the onset of spring, I am reminded that it is once again time to think about new things.  For example, the term of the current Board Officers is already three fourth of the way over and the election of the next Board will happen in two months.  You probably already know this from the notice that I’ve posted on the Chapter remailer.  I have enjoyed being your Chairman for these last 9 months.  Holding the reins of the Chapter has been a great honor for me.  Being part of a team and making decisions as a whole has been invigorating and educational.  I have learned many things, which I feel that I can apply to my career and life.  I want to let every one of you know that this feeling can be yours too, if you want it.  All you have to do is let the Nominations & Elections Committee know of your desire and your name can be added to the ballot.

I am delighted to announce that more exciting & new things are coming your way and you’ll want to be on the lookout for them.  The National Association of Broadcasters Show starts the first weekend in April and will continue for the following six days.  Chapter 16 Waveguide Editor Jim Dalke will be giving a speech on Digital Advancements in AM Directional Antenna Monitoring.  I’ve been fortunate to get a sneak peek at what he will be talking about, and it is very intriguing!  Jim will be presenting a version of this topic for us at the May Chapter meeting if you can’t attend the show in Las Vegas.  Also at the show, The Society of Broadcast Engineers will have the booth set up for you to stop by to say to the folks from Indianapolis.  Keep this show in mind as there are abundant educational things to see and hear while there.  I encourage every one reading this to make plans to attend next year.

On April 11th, our Chapter is presenting the “Member Appreciation” meeting.  Come by the Meadow Room at the Wings Café at the Museum of Flight and help us celebrate your membership.  Chapter Educator Mike Scott from Bates Technical College will be there to tell you about the Broadcast Audio Video Production program at the college as well as the certification levels that are offered by the SBE organization.  (BTW; Congratulations to our newly certified Chapter 16 members, whose names we will now be announcing on the Waveguide.)  During the latter part of the meeting, additional featured guests will talk about their participation with the previous incarnation of the Waveguide website when it was just a little newsletter 30 years ago during our 30th Anniversary Waveguide Party.  Yes, there will be cake!  You don’t want to miss this meeting to get a glimpse back into the Chapter’s past.  And for the future, remember to keep an eye on the Waveguide as it is constantly evolving.

I will tip my hand slightly to reveal in June, we are going to enjoy a group outing at Safeco Field to see the new Jumbo-tron screen and learn how they perform in-field broadcasts.  I’ll report more on this later.  And following that, of course, is our traditional Chapter & Family Summer Picnic in July.

While you’re thinking about all that good stuff coming up, keep in mind that we are in the middle of our Membership Drive.  This year’s slogan is “Leading the Way”.  Won’t you lead the way by showing a colleague who isn’t a Chapter Member how to enjoy all the benefits you are enjoying by being a Society of Broadcast Engineers Member?  For your efforts, you can get $5 discounted from your next year’s membership dues and be eligible to win the prizes listed on the website.  Help us grow and get the next generation of Broadcast Engineers involved.

And speaking of getting involved, I want to let you know that you are always welcome to join us for a Board Meeting or two.  These occur the Tuesday evening before the Chapter meeting where we get together for a couple of hours to make plans and steer the direction of the Chapter.  Consider my invitation to be your opportunity to learn how the heart of the Chapter functions.  In fact, if you want to jump in right now with your volunteering spirit, we need assistance on the following committees:  Nominations & Elections, Waveguide Advertising, and Waveguide Archiving.  Your help is graciously appreciated and your efforts will be recognized and rewarded.  Start the process by contacting me at and I’ll let you know how to get aboard.

I’ll see you at the next Chapter meeting!

Arthur Willetts

SBE Chapter 16 Chairman