April Luncheon Report

Yezmin Blue CBTE, CBT, Chapter Secretary

Nineteen members and guests were present at the museum of flight meadow room for the Monthly SBE Chapter 16 meeting that took place on April 11 at noon.

Arthur Willetts Chapter Chairman called the meeting to order and had those attending introduce themselves.

The Chairman asked: “Can anyone think of an engineer that is deserving of the chapter Engineer of the year award?”  They should be nominated by the May 15 and they will enter the pool for the SBE national award.

Chairman requests the guests to partake in the Waveguide celebration. He offers cupcakes and a beautiful replica in a cake of the Waveguide made by Cheryl Willetts, chairman’s wife.  It was delicious!  Thank you Mrs. Willetts.

One of the important goals of the SBE is to maintain career advancement by providing trading shows, webinars and certification in a broad range of areas.  For this meeting. the chapter greeted members and guests with 2 presentations. Certification and Waveguide 30 anniversary celebration.  The Chairman introduced the presenters of the day.


Mike Scott chapter certification chair proctors tests in the Seattle-Tacoma area for SBE Chapter 16.  Mike reviewed the importance of certification.  Mike has worked in the field of engineering for over 30 years and for the last 25 years as an instructor at Bates Technical College.  He keeps up with the current trends of technology as he said, “Working in engineering as many of you know it, time is priceless, a luxury that most engineers do not have. As an instructor I have the time and opportunity to keep up with trends, belong to several groups and impart to the future engineers some of this knowledge.”

Mike said: “I talk, I answer questions, and I give people a shoulder to cry on.  I’m singing to the choir.  People that really need to be certified are people that are looking for a job.  It shows you have a starting point.  A first class license was a tool of screening years ago. A lot of People that got their start by passing the test and then they learned their skills on the job”.

“How do you now get the General radiotelephone license?”  Mike asks the group.  Contact the National Association of Telecommunication of Radio Engineers (NARTE).  http://www.narte.org Find the site where you want to take the test.  GROL General radio operator license, http://wireless.fcc.gov/commoperators/index.htm?job=pg

Mike said concerning certification: “The SBE has a lot of different levels of certification. It’s been in my experience that a lot of people that get certified let it lapse.”  Mike brought some documents for recertification and/or certification.  In this business other than showing up and being on time you need to be able to find information.

“Why certification? The answers to why should you get a certification? In this business you want be a Macgyver.  You want to be able to do critical thinking, get facts, data and apply this to problems.

Anyone can regurgitate facts but not be able to fix anything.  Being able to think through problems, troubleshoot, is the goal and Certification is a building block to get there.”

The SBE does not provide feedback of how members do on testing, other than letting them know that they passed of failed. This has been a great benefit to the association because it has maintained the credibility of the testing in the industry. An SBE certification carries a lot of weight in broadcast.

Mike proctors tests at Bates technical college. Mike says, “ If you are interested in certification I will do all anything possible for the experience to be fruitful with literature, books and guidance in preparing for your test.”


For the second half of the chapter meeting we had John Forbes and David Christian.John Forbes was the 1st editor for the Waveguide and David Christian was the 1st publisher.  John and David took us on a time tour of the begging of the Waveguide. Describing meticulously the process of writing editing and publishing the Waveguide. Quite a task!  They did such an amazing job!  30 years in the making the Waveguide archive can be found on SBE Chapter 16 site.  What once started as a postcard, develop into a wonderful read of information for our chapter is now available to us on the World Wide Web.

It was an honor to meet John and David, both of whom wrote a chapter of history of our own SBE Chapter 16 which allow us to have a 30 year celebration.

Yezmin Blue CBTE, CBT

Chapter Secretary