From the Chair May 2013

Arthur Willetts CTO, Chapter Chairman

What a great Chapter meeting we had last month!  If you weren’t there, then let me tell you about how great it was to once again see some familiar and some new faces.  Our Chapter Educator, Mike Scott, gave us lots of good tips for new certifications and the emphasized the importance of re-certification.  You can read more about the meeting in the report right here on the Waveguide, which BTW is brought to us this month by Board Secretary Yezmin Blue.  I hope that all of you reading our Waveguide enjoy a different perspective every month, of the Chapter Luncheon Report.  At the beginning of the Board term, I asked if everyone would take a hand at writing it, and I think that it has produced great results!  Besides that, it displays teamwork.  My hats off to all the volunteering efforts of the Board who make this Chapter what it is.  This was the message I wanted to get across at the last meeting… that each one of you in the Chapter is important, and it is your participation that makes it better.  Let me know if you’d like to make Member Appreciation Day a yearly event in April.

We were also fortunate to celebrate a 30 year anniversary of the Waveguide and were treated to stories from John Forbes and David Christian.  Both of these gentlemen were instrumental to the publishing of our beloved little yellow newsletter that has grown into a high-traffic website, reaching further that it did in the past.  Thank goodness we don’t have to visit the printing shop or buy that many stamps anymore!  I want to also mention John Schneider at this time as well since he could not be there, as he was the creator of the Waveguide.  However, when John stopped by in January he gave us a wonderful retelling of the “in the beginning” story.

I liked what Mike said at the luncheon meeting about how the engineer personality does not lend itself to be a social animal.  He emphasized that employers look for this social interaction aspect in prospective employees.  I whole-heartedly agree with that statement.  How one acts and interacts amongst others is very important, no matter what career one is in.  There are many ways to improve one’s social grace.  One way is to belong to the Society of Broadcast Engineers.  Have you ever wonder why it is called a “society”?  Well, now you know.

Let me seg-way now into talking about the SBE Membership Drive.  Only one more month left to go, for some of you lucky Members who wish to win one of the prizes in the drive, and in the very least get a $5 (or more) discount on your next membership dues.  If you still haven’t heard about the 3 month effort we undertake every year from March to May, then you should investigate this further at  Here on the local level, we could always use more members.  Help us to locate these folks, especially if you work with them.  And if you don’t work with some one who is not an SBE member, help us discover where we can find them.  One of the best ideas currently submitted of places and people to explore, is to seek out exiting military service men and women who have received training in electronics.  We’ve actually had a few of these guys visit us at lunch in the past.  If you know of someone like this, keep enrollment with the organization in mind for information and assistance for things like job-hunting opportunities and getting to know this area’s broadcasting community.  I’m sure they’ll appreciate the offer.

Did you receive the April 2013 Career Advancement Newsletter from Megan Clappe about re-certification points and the upcoming webinar on Media Asset Management 101 on Wednesday 4/24?  If you didn’t, then let me know and I’ll forward that to you and get you on the mailing list for future career and education opportunities.  Webinars are a great way to earn credit points toward re-certification.  And while I’m stretching this topic of re-certification even further, let me add that SBE National is promoting a Jubilee Project to re-instate lapse certifications.  If this project applies to you, please look into it.

The annual Board election is coming up in June.  I want to make you aware of this important fact, since now is the time to think about your contribution to the Chapter.  If you recognize (which is a great ability to have in itself) any of the talents or skills of yourself or other Chapter Members, you should speak up and nominate yourself or others for the seats of Chairman, Vice & Program Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director (2 seats).  You may have already received a call from the Nominations & Election Committee Chairman John Monroe concerning this.  I want to say right here that John has been doing a great job with spearheading the election process this year.  This is his second year in doing so, and he is putting forth a gusto effort to accomplish this task.  I can’t wait to see this year’s digital ballot.  If you recall, for the last two years we have been making choosing the next Board easy with online voting.  Every year, this process keeps getting better thanks to Members like John.  May he be your inspiration to help the Chapter by throwing your hat in the ring, throwing someone else’s hat into the ring, being a guest at a Board meeting, or by just coming to the monthly luncheon meetings.  Sometime in the middle of May, I will call all the nominees and confirm their participation in the election.  Good luck to each of you who decide to join in the campaigning for a seat.  Becoming a Board Member is a respectable thing to do and the job is not at all difficult.  In no time you’ll be up to speed with the Chair you win, and enjoying our joyous camaraderie and witty banter.  Sincerely though, the benefits and rewards that you’ll gain from being a Board Member are immeasurable.  As always, we certainly welcome and appreciate your participation.

For our next meeting, Jim Dalke & Stephen Lockwood will present to the Chapter their award-winning NAB presentation on AM Digital Monitoring System based on Field Programmable Gate Array Technology.  Are you curious yet?  This is one meeting that you will not want to miss!  In fact, you don’t want to miss any meetings coming up if you can prevent it.  (See last month’s Chairman’s Report).  And with much anticipation, other Members and myself especially would be interested in hearing your story of your NAB visit and a recanting of what transpired in Vegas.  I know, I know.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  But it’s my opinion that this matter should be allowed as an exemption.  I, for one, would very much like to hear about the SBE Chapter-hosted Ennes Workshop, and about the RF Bootcamp if anyone was able to go to those.  Please come to the May Chapter lunch meeting and tell us your stories.  A Chapter meeting notice with all the details will be posted on the remailer sometime in the first week of May.  If you’re not on the remailer, then please sign up, here on The Waveguide (bottom right-hand corner).

One thing I forgot to mention in my report last month was the creation by SBE National of the SBE Chapter Engineer of the Year Award.  This is a new award to recognize the efforts of a specific individual who best furthers the goals and objectives of their SBE Chapter, and provides an outstanding example of local/regional leadership and ethics.  Our Chapter needs to choose a winner by May 15th.  Please help the Chapter by submitting a candidate for this yearly award that we are now implementing.  This award is one of the ideas that came from the SBE Strategic Planning Conference in June that I attended last year.  Personally, I think that this is a terrific idea for Member recognition and supplying valid candidate choices for the SBE Engineer of the Year Award in which all Chapter award recipients from around the country (and points further) are automatically entered for consideration.  Who would you pick?  Let us know soon!  We’ll highlight our own local winner, either at the Chapter 16 Summer Picnic or perhaps at the Chapter 16 Christmas party.  (We’re still working on the details regarding this.)

In the meanwhile, the Board is going to submit nominations for the SBE 2013 National Awards in the Best Chapter Website, Best Technical Book, and Technology Award.  Are there any other possible award nominations we have inadvertently overlooked?  Who or what do you recognize as possessing excellence within our group?

Well, it looks like I’ve written my own book here.  So, I’ll call this the ending for now.  Thanks for reading and supporting the Chapter.  Keep the lines of communication open… in work, and life!  See you at the next meeting.

Arthur Willetts