Chapter Financial Report

Treasurer’s Report Jon Kasprick CBRE, Chapter Treasurer

Accountability to the chapter membership is an important responsibility of the Treasurer.  As your treasurer, I am proud to say that our SBE chapter bank account is heading in the right direction!  In general for 2012, our expenses were about the same as 2011 and our income was almost enough to cover them.  Yes, we had a small net loss in 2012, but the Board is taking steps to complete our recovery to a sustainable balance.

As you can see from the pie charts, your SBE chapter returns nearly all of our income back to the members in some beneficial form.  The annual Christmas Party is the greatest benefit in terms of expense.  For those that have attended this event, the benefit is much more than just a reasonably priced buffet dinner.  Our advertisers, and other corporate friends, donate amazing gifts and prizes ranging including logo swag, HDTVs and other cool electronics.  This is also a great event to get to know your fellow members and their families in a festive holiday setting.

Another benefit to our members is the summer picnic. More information on the 2013 picnic will be published soon.  Other expenses include website support, various business expenses and, of course, the free lunch drawing at most chapter meetings. In 2012, we also sent a representative of the board to the national Strategic Planning Conference. This was necessary to ensure that we remain in-the-loop with the strategic direction of the SBE at the national level.

Your SBE chapter derives most of our income from the Waveguide advertisers.  This requires the most attention of the treasurer and advertising committee.  Our advertisers are asked to support our chapter not only with donations to our social events, but also with their advertising dollars.  We had some recovery of those dollars in 2012 after suffering a very bleak 2011.  For 2013, we have reached out to more product vendors and distributors through our chapter members attending the NABShow in April.  If you’re a salesperson trapped in an engineer’s mindset, you may want to join our advertising committee!

Other income to the chapter comes from the Christmas Party tickets, picnic sponsorship and the SBE National Rebates.  This last item is the portion of your membership dues that are returned to your chapter. It is directly related to the number of members in our chapter.  So, when recruiting new members, remember that not only are there benefits for the new member (like a free lunch), but the chapter as a whole receives a small financial benefit.

As your treasurer, my obligation is to 1) provide accurate and transparent accounting and 2) ensure that our account remains balanced with a comfortable reserve. To accomplish this requires diligence and communication with the board and chapter members. I am proud to say the we are well on our way to recovering from prior shortfalls and I expect our account balance to show great improvement in 2013.