From the Chair for June

Arthur Willetts CTO – Chapter Chairman:

Ah, the spirit of engineering and teamwork!  I have to hand it to everyone who helped make last month’s Chapter meeting a success.  We were able to overcome a scheduling conflict (by no fault of the Chapter) that left us without a meeting room.  What did we do?  Well, the outside weather was inviting that day and we made a decision to have our meeting on the patio.  And how did we contend with the ambient conditions?  We borrowed a couple of stanchions along with some black cloth curtains and made our own projector screen viewing room.  This worked to darken the screen and enabled Jim Dalke to give us the presentation that he gave at NAB a month before.  With only a few interruptions of passing jets in which Jim had to briefly pause for, our meeting went off without a hitch.  From this, I can safely say that if you get enough engineers in one place a solution can be found to any problem.

So, where were you?  We missed you at the last meeting.  The thing that you missed was the newest technology to measure the output of AM digital transmitters.  This could very well turn out to be the technology that every AM digital radio broadcaster will use in the future.  And to think, one of our own Chapter Members will be the inventor of it!  It is amazing to know that “real men of genius” exist in our midst and we can gain inspiration from them directly.  This is what you are really missing out on by not being at the meetings.  Don’t let these opportunities pass you by, folks.  Here is your proof, that there is real value in attending the Chapter meetings.

Now, please everyone mark your calendar for the next Chapter meeting on June 13th.  This is going to be a meeting that you will definitely, and I mean definitely not want to miss.  Since we are away from our usual meeting place for the summer (June – August), we have scheduled a line-up of exciting meetings that will take place around the sound beginning with a field trip to a real field… Safeco Field, that is!  The newly revamped audio and video control rooms are something to see.  I have had the privilege to get a sneak preview, and let me tell you it is a broadcast engineer’s dream to know how they make the magic of baseball happen for those in the stadium seats and those who watch and listen elsewhere.  You’ll want to be prompt to this one.  We are gathering on the field in front of the big, huge, humongous, jumbotron screen to get our group picture taken at exactly 11:00am.  You’ll have to be there by 10:30am if you can, since the security approval process and getting a visitor’s badge & parking pass will take some time.  There will be an RSVP for speedy entrance.  Details will be posted very soon.  Thanks to our Chapter Secretary Yezmin Blue for this setting up this special summertime treat!

That is just the beginning of summertime treats for the Chapter.  On July 27th, the 8th Annual Chapter Summer Member & Family Picnic will be held.  Who wants to volunteer to cook the burgers and hotdogs this year?  More details to come next month.  As you know, one picnic is never enough.  Therefore, our Chapter is going to visit Portland for the Chapter 124 Picnic.  Be sure to sign up for that goodwill entourage when it is announced.  It’s always good to meet engineers far and wide and hear their stories of “how they do it”.  Additionally, it’s also good to see some longtime friends and meet some new ones.

The yearly Chapter election is about to commence.  Contact me at to submit your name for a Board seat.  Got questions?  Just ask.  Most importantly, don’t forget to vote when the link is sent to you.  The voting period is open from June 1st to June 10th.  Keep an eye out too, for the SBE National Board Election in July.  A ballot will be emailed to you from the headquarters in Indianapolis, so be sure SBE National has your email address.

See you at the next Chapter 16 meeting!

Arthur Willetts

SBE Chapter 16 Chairman