LOOKING BACK – By Clay Freinwald

What was ON the radio then? Boy George, Adam Ant, Genesis

This time lets take a look back to:

December 1983 – Volume 19  Number 3

Chairman – Gary Engard

Vice Chair – Terry Spring

Secretary – Dave Ratener

Treasurer –   Rich Petschke

Directors – Walt Jamison & Clay Freinwald

Editor  –      John Forbes

Publisher –      David Christian

WWFCC –  Kelly Alford, George Bisso, Greg Thies


Inside –

  • Meeting was at the Swedish Club Restaurant
  • Program – Ran Paley of Media Touch
  • Report on the Y2K Show by Earl Fleahart, Oct 11&12 at Meydenbauer in Bellevue –was chapters 16th annual show – Next show date set for Oct 24-25, 2001
  • Mike Scott had his column on Certification
  • Richard Jones wrote a column called The End User which was largely about computers
  • A very young looking Greg Thies wrote a column called the WWFCC Report
  • And some guy named Clay had a column called Clay’s Corner which featured “News, Rumors and Views from Usually Reliable and Irrefutable Sources.- Included in that months column was – Report on the SBE fall board meeting in Pittsburgh – An ongoing debate on whether DTV should be COFDM or 8VSB – The Ratelco master antenna/combiner system is being tested – Also on Cougar – Entercom is nearing the completion of their new multiple transmitter facility – The FCC is dealing with LPFM with pressure from proponents approaching Congress.