Looking Back No.3

By Clay Freinwald

The Waveguide
November 1985 – Volume 3  Number 9

Chairman – Lauchy McMillan
Vice Chair – Marty Hadfield
Sec/Tres –   Bob Plummer
Editor  –       John Schneider and Herman Aggenbach
Printer –      David Christian

Western Washington Frequency Coordination Committee (WWFCC) officers included –

Bob Plumber
Terry Denbrook
Lee Pinski
Ken Hermanson
Marty Hadfield
Lauchy McMillan.

Inside –

Meeting was in the Galaxy 2 Room – Sea-Tac Motor InnOccasion was the Ninth annual Ch 16, SBE Regional Convention

Speaker was Dr. Robert Cleveland, FCC Specialist in RF Radiation with him were Gary Soulsby and Gray Morris of the FCC Seattle office as well as Larry Jones from the Ferndale Monitoring Station.

Some of the technical papers presented during the show –

  • CCD Color Camera by Dennis Rutherford, NEC
  • Towers and Wind Engineering – Ray Upsahl, Tony Tschanz and Madison Batt.
  • Digital Audio by Larry Boden, JVC
  • An alternative high quality audio tape medium using video recorders, Doug Smith, KING-FM
  • Power tubes, rebuilding and operation, John Sullivan, Econco
  • A new high quality aural STL, Jeff Nordstrom, Allied Broadcast Equipment
  • Cavity backed radiator systems, Ron Fisk, Harris
  • Multi-protocol computerized editor system, Jay Coley, Grass Valley
  • TV Stereo Monitor by Jesse Maxenchs, TFT.

Other meetings were held during the show, including

  • ITVS, AES.
  • Certification Chairman, Garnet Drakiotes was conducting Cert Exams

Other news in this issue –

  • City of Portland planning commission recommended modifying that city’s proposed ordinance covering RF Radiation and radio/TV towers.
  • RCA announced that competitive pressures and continuing losses in the Broadcast Systems Division have resulted in a decision to restructure and phase out product lines.

In the Open Circuit column –

  • KXA has been sold to the owners of KRPM-FM Tacoma
  • Due to complications over the development of the Columbia Center building as an FM Site and radiation issues on Cougar Mt, several other locations were being considered for a multi-station FM Site.  Buzz Anderson said KSEA is considering 3-Sisters Mountain near Enumclaw, not too far from the site of KBRD.  Pat O-Day is making plans for a 797 foot tower on Capitol Hill that could accommodate up to 8 FM stations.
  • KQIN is on the air from new Seattle Studios.  John Price and Dwight Small did the installation.
  • KZOK/KJET has hired an engineer to assist Marty Hadfield, Doug Hunter.
  • U of W is now using a 7 gHz microwave to link their TIE system to campuses in Vancouver, Richland, Pullman and Spokane.
  • KIRO-TV is now receiving all of its satellite delivered programming via its new Vashon Island downlink facility.  Programming is carried over a 7 gHz microwave to their Seattle studios.