Clay’s Corner – March 2010

As I write this I am about to head for Washington DC to participate in the annual EAS Summit sponsored by NAB and NASBA. This event is a great opportunity for many of the stakeholders in the EAS process to come together to discuss the process of improving our public warning system. My first meeting will be between members of the SBE EAS Committee (I am no longer chair, but still participate) and the group that leads the PEP (Primary Entry Point) effort. After that will be a meeting with Antwane Johnson, Division Director of IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert and Warning System) at FEMA….and so it will go through Sunday and into Monday.

I can only assume that you may be wondering what’s really going on with what some are calling Next-Gen EAS…Ask me when I get back and I will be able to much better answer that one. Certainly reporters from media-mags will be there so you will be able to read about the Event as well. If you are interested in EAS and what to keep up with all this – I encourage you to subscribe to the SBE EAS Exchange. Instructions on how to subscribe to this remailer are on the SBE Web Site under Government Relations. To keep track of what’s happening to EAS in our state, the Seattle Chapter of SBE in cooperation with Hatfield and Dawson have a remailer for that purpose – contact me for information on how to subscribe.