The September Luncheon Report

Report from Jim Dalke, CPBE 8-VSB AMD:

Our September Luncheon meeting was held in conjunction with the Taste of NAB Road Show at Clover Park Technical College on September 10.

The meeting was called to order and primary chapter business was the election of officers for the coming year.  The results of the election are listed on the chapter website, .  The remainder of the meeting was the presentation by Larry Bloomfield.  Larry best describes the presentation with his letter of thanks sent to the chapter.

My dear fellow SBE members, friends and associates:

This was my eighth time bringing the Taste of NAB Road Show to the good folks of SBE Chapter 16 and the Seattle area broadcast community. I truly appreciate the warm welcome my crew and I get. Coming back to you good folks is getting to be kind of like old home week for me. I particularly appreciated the attendance by the students of Bates Technical College. Students are our future and I enjoy, very much, sharing with them what I can to help them on their way into our industry.

Between the business cards we collected for the door prize drawings and the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) sign-in sheet, we had a total of thirty in attendance. With a chapter that has One Hundred-Three and judging from our past attendances, I’d say the turnout was good!

I’m very grateful to the folks at Clover Park Technical College for permitting us to use the Rotunda Building part of Bldg. Complex 3. I couldn’t have asked for better.

I especially want to mention and thank Jim Dalke, CPBE, AMD, your outgoing SBE Chapter Chair, for his and his new bride’s most gracious hospitality, kind assistance and for Jim’s efforts in making it all work so very well for us. It was also good to have your new, incoming SBE Chapter Chair, Clay Freinwald, CPBE, present and to render his input to the presentation as well – especially the EAS/CAP/IPAWS part.

We had a great lunch! For that, thanks must go to Al Jason of Harris Communications for the fine pizza, bread-stick and soft-drinks he provided for us all. No one when away hungry and no complaints were heard. It warmed my heart to see some folks go back for seconds – means the food was not just good but, as I said, GREAT!

For those of you who are not members of the SBE, as a member, I’d like to extend an invitation to you to continue to join both SBE chapter 16 at any of their meetings. All SBE meetings are open to anyone with an interest in radio, television and their related fields. Most all chapter meetings will offer you programs of an educational nature that can only help you in your excursions through the wonderful world of broadcasting and its related arts. There is no place else within a reasonable distance where you can get a couple hours of free training every month in the very technology we revel in.

It is quite possible that I may not have gotten all the information on the business cards transferred correctly, so some may not receive this note of thanks. I would appreciate it if it is shared with everyone.

There were those who showed up early and those who departed late, all of whom pitched in to help, making this a great event, but whenever I do a thank you note, I inadvertently and unintentionally leave someone out. Sorry if that is the case here. The door prize winners and some pictures of this event are now posted on our website:

Finally I want to thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedules to attend and hope you found it was of value. If any of you are ever out in my neck-of-the-woods, I’d like to should you some Oregon hospitality. Take this as a standing invitation. Your comments about what we did would be most appreciated. Should I get my shoulder issues get resolved and I mend properly, I’d be very happy to return next year.

Larry Bloomfield, KA6UTC

1980 25th St.

Florence, OR 97439

(541) 902-2424 (everything number)


See you on the Taste of NAB Road Show Next Year