Arne Skoog Memorial Scholarship


SBE Chapter 16 is proud to offer for the 4th year in a row the SBE Chapter 16 Arne Skoog Memorial Scholarship.  With last year’s expansion to include more states in the northwest, the scholarship was given to SBE members in Idaho, Montana and Oregon.  This scholarship offering is available for any Society of Broadcast Engineers member who works or resides in these states, including the state of Alaska.

This scholarship has proven itself useful for the advancement of learning the skills and knowledge to be a successful broadcast engineer.  Being or becoming a broadcast engineer means many things these days, with future professionals in this field knowing that they are on a career path which has an ever-evolving technical nature.  In today’s world we include students of Informational Technology in our collective, since there is a whole lot of broadcast technology that is related to video and audio streaming.  The act of listening to radio or viewing television involves a various manipulations of program material within a transport stream or a RF signal before it reaches your ears and eyes.  And this is the reason why the society includes all who are a part of that process.

If your desire is to learn about broadcast engineering, or continue your education in the field of broadcast engineering, or apply for a respected certification level from the Society of Broadcast Engineers and Multimedia Technology Professionals, then this scholarship is for you.  Please read the Scholarship TAB located right here on The Waveguide to learn more about the award and the life of a celebrated engineer to whom SBE Chapter 16 pays homage and respect.

Thank you for your interest and please do take notice of the deadline to apply.  Broadcasting the awareness of this scholarship to all known SBE members is appreciated.

Click here for the scholarship application:   Scholarship App 2019