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Field Observations of Elevated FM HD (IBOC) Power Levels

Wednesday, September 24th 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET                            

Presenter: Alan Jurison, CSRE, AMD, DRB, CBNE

SBE Members: $49; Non-Members: $80

In 2010, the Federal Communications Commission adopted new technical rules to permit FM stations to voluntarily increase hybrid digital power levels from -20dBc to -14dBc for most stations, and set a system to allow some stations to achieve up to -10dBc. Since that date, many stations have updated their transmission facilities to take advantage of the power increase. This presentation will discuss field observations of elevated FM HD power levels on select stations and, in particular, in how they relate to the significant improvement in overall digital performance in the OEM automotive environment.

More information: http://www.sbe.org/sections/PowerLevels.php