April Luncheon Announcement

“After the Big One” will be one of the topics at the April 15 Chapter Luncheon at the Meadow Room at the Museum of Flight.  The meeting starts at noon and will feature Chapter 16 member Clay Freinwald (he has so many hats to describe his credentials, I hardly know where to start!) as facilitator for an open discussion on this topic.  The technical feature for our luncheon meeting will be a conversation covering: A A H B L  (After all hell breaks loose)  – or – A T B O   (After the Big One)

2001 Nisqually Earthquake

This is a “lessons learned”, “best practices” and “what if’s” type meeting and all in attendance are encouraged to participate.  Your Board Members that will be present are going to accept the invitation to share and learn.  This meeting will give the Chapter something to work on for some time to come and will, if all goes well, resolve a future need in a time of urgency.

Clay has written about this subject in his column – this will be an opportunity for him to explain more about the philosophy of preparedness, in detail.  This is a project that Chapter 16 needs to accept as a challenge and run with it – leading the effort.    A couple of simple reasons –

1-          No one else is doing much about it

2-          No group is better suited to make it happen

Working together, we can make preparation a priority and take away a sense of calmness that we can rely on A A H B L !

Marty Hadfield CPBE

Chapter Chairman