May Luncheon Report

Jon Kasprick, CBRE – Our May 2015 meeting was held in the Meadows Room at the Museum of Flight with 13 members and 2 guests attending.  Several important AM, FM & TV topics were discussed as our NAB attendees returned from Las Vegas.

Marty Hadfield, SBE16 Chairman, opened the meeting with the following important notes:

•            Upcoming SBE Webinars including Transmitter Maintenance Checklist (June 18) can be found at

•            Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Summer Conference, June 17-18, will feature an “Engineering Day”.  Could we provide a similar feature to our local broadcasters?

•            A new committee will be formed to evaluate the involvement of local broadcasters in a regional disaster planning effort as presented in last month’s meeting by Clay Freinwald.

Arthur Willetts, SBE16 Director, discussed the following:

•            Board elections begin June 1.

•            Arnie Skoog Memorial Scholarship applications are now available on through June 31. $1500 is available for educational use by chapter members, but you MUST apply soon!

•            The memorial service for Dale Comer will be June 27 at Cheney Stadium. Please come and show your support for our brother Dale.

Trent Sheppard, Vice Chairman, announced that the summer picnic will be July 25 at the KOMO facility on Vashon Island.  There seems to be interest in the Vashon Island Transmitter Crawl again this year.  Trent announced that our next chapter meeting will be a tour of Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion.  More information on this will be published soon.

The feature presentation was led by our award winning Jim Dalke.  First off was a review of this year’s NAB show.  Jim Dalke, Tom McGinley, Dave Ratener & Rick Kemp presented their perspective on the following topics:

•            Drones and their regulation.

•            4K and 8K television, but no 3D!

•            Less AM gear, and no transmitters, on the floor this year.

•            ATSC 3.0, video compression, and repacking the UHF band.

•            The Telos Voltair PPM watermark enhancer.

•            New products are highlighted on the Radio World Post NAB-Show Webinar.

Jim Dalke then gave his presentation on FCC technical parameters for AM & FM transmitters.  This is timely information as the SBE webinar on transmitter maintenance is coming up June 18.  This topic sparked some great discussion regarding power, modulation and frequency monitoring.

Jim also gave a short presentation on his KARR project.  Jim has finally fulfilled his long time dream of actually owning a radio station. His novel approach to satisfying the station’s STA included an unobtrusive long wire and natural vertical support with a constant tension mechanism.

Jim concluded with a brief status update on his LPFM for Seattle University, KXSU.

As you can see, this meeting was packed with highly relevant information and discussion; well worth the time and possibly even an entire year’s worth of membership dues!

Don’t miss next month’s meeting at Husky Stadium.