Anne Nelskog in Memoriam

March 18, 2016

Chapter 16 Members, it is with sincere sadness and a heavy heart, that I share the following information:  The Pacific NW broadcast community has lost another pioneer in the commercial Radio industry.  Many of you will remember, or perhaps worked for, as I did in the late 1970’s, Wally and Anne Nelskog.  They built and operated many Radio stations, a Commercial Production facility and at least one Cable TV franchise in Washington State.  KIXI AM/FM in Seattle were anchor stations in their group…which included KORD AM/FM in the Tri-Cities and KQTY in Everett, back in the era of the FCC’s 2-station/Market ownership cap.  They also owned KYXY FM in San Diego, CA.

While Wally was the bigger than life frontman (in his career as an announcer, prior to becoming an owner, he was a top rated announcer at “KJR Seattle, Channel 95” in the hay days of the sock-hop), Anne was a consummate business manager, thoughtful parent and she was constantly guiding the finances of their enterprise.  Sadly, Wally passed away several years ago.

Anne passed away last weekend, at the wonderful and amazing age of 91!  A rosary service will be held on Sunday, March 20th in Edmonds, with her funeral service on Monday, the 21st.  More details are included in the obituary notice, included below and further info can be found at:

Anne & Wally’s daughter, Carol Arkell, still lives in the Seattle area and she has worked at several local stations, including KIRO Radio.

We wish Carol and her family peaceful thoughts through this difficult time…


Marty Hadfield

Chair – SBE Chapter 16

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