May Luncheon Report

Rick Kemp, Director – The May SBE Luncheon was sponsored by  Jampro Antennas. Mark Fehlig with Jampro and Ben Crease from Jampro’s AlanDick division did the presentation which focused on ATSC 3.0 considerations with respect to Antenna, Mask Filter and Combiner designs.  Ben Crease is based in Singapore and has extensive experience with DVB-T and DVB-T2.  He pointed out that ATSC3.0 will offer many of the same advantages that countries that are using DVB-T have become familiar with.  Ben explained that with ATSC3.0, it would be possible to have not only multiple bit rates, but also bandwidth within a single  6 MHZ TV channel, unlike what we have now with 8VSB / ATSC 1.0.  For example, a station or group could have a UHD(4K) channel in addition to HD and multiple SD channels, by using a combination of HEVC codecs and variable frequency bandwidth, through the use of COFDM- The same way our Digital ENG Microwave and Satellite system function.

Ben also presented several examples and some great pictures of Multi-Band TV Transmission systems, including towers they have erected in other parts of the world.  He also discussed new techniques and modelling for Mask Filters and Combiners. May 2017