Picnic 2017 Review

August 7, 2017

Jim Dalke, Editor – By all accounts, the SBE Chapter 16 Picnic was a big success again this year.  There were more than 40 SBE members, friends and family at the event.  Several SBE Chapters were represented including members from Oregon, Montana and Alaska.

This year’s event was highlighted by Jim Hatfield’s presentation on the history of the KIRO-AM site where the event was held.  The picnic was sponsored by our friends at BSW and adult beverages provided by Hatfield and Dawson Engineers.

Chapter Program Chairman Arthur Willetts and his wife Cheryl prepared a scrumptious picnic spread that included smoky pulled pork sandwiches, homemade German potato salad and apple crisp dessert.

Following the food fare, Arthur Willetts announced the Chapter Engineer of the Year Award to Tom McGinley.  Tom has been a longtime active member of the Seattle Chapter and is now residing in Missoula, Montana.

Jim Dalke was recognized for having received the SBE National award for the Best Technical Article, Book or Program by an SBE Member.

This year’s Arne Skoog Memorial Scholarship winners were introduced.  They were new chapter members and students at Bates Technical College, Peggy Jelson and Lucas Hardy.

Arthur also recognized chapter members that received SBE Certifications in the last year.  Certifications were awarded to Richard Dalton, CBT. Robert Jacobs-Springer, CRO, Phil Van Liew, CEA, Kristen Basinet, CRO, Timothy Meinig, CRO, David Ratener, CBNT; Ryan Phillips, CBT CBNT; Henry Holtgeerts, CTO; Steven Surerus, CTO and Alex Brewster, CBNT.  Robert Jacobs-Springer was present to receive his Certification pin.

The newly elected Chapter Board for 2017-2018 was introduced including newly elected Chair Jon Kasprick, Vice Chair Arthur Willetts, new board member and Treasurer Mike Graves, and Board of Director, Marty Hadfield.  Secretary Alex Brewster and Board of Director Yezmin Blue were unable to attend this year’s picnic.

A grand prized drawing for a GoPro Hero action video camera was held at the conclusion of the formal ceremonies.  The GoPro was won by BTC student and Chapter Member Kira Vig.  The GoPro was generously provided by BSW and their representative Rick Kemp.

Jim Hatfield, partner with Hatfield and Dawson Engineers, made a presentation on the construction of the historic KIRO radio plant which was built by Jim’s father, James Hatfield Sr., and some of Jim’s childhood memories.  Jim told about the engineering planning and design of the first directional 50 kW transmitter site west of the Mississippi and first 50 kW station in the Northwest.  He also talked about the very linear design of the phasor and ATU’s by Frank McIntosh who also designed, what is generally recognized as the best tube audio amplifier ever produced.

Jim’s presentation was made in the original KIRO transmitter control room.  Steve Allen, Vashon Island’s resident transmitter caretaker has turned the KIRO transmitter building into a radio museum with many old radio receivers, transmitter paraphernalia and broadcast test equipment.

After the picnic events at KIRO, Steve led twelve of the picnic attendees on a brief Vashon Island transmitter tour that included KOMO, KTTH, KFNQ, and KJR

Mike and Jeanie Graves made an excellent and hires video of Jim’s talk and the Vashon transmitter tour.

Jim Hatfield’s “History of KIRO Transmitter” can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/LfY_-8mBHRw  (30:57).

The Vashon transmitter tour can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/d0HGLvLFsSM (33:05)