October Luncheon Announcement

AES67 will be the featured topic at the Chapter Luncheon, Wednesday, October 11th at the Old Spaghetti Factory in South Center, Tukwilla.  Jeff McGinley of Telos Alliance will be doing a presentation on the new industry standard for audio over IP.

AES67 is a new industry standard for interoperability of high quality audio over IP networks from the Audio Engineering Society, published September 2013. This standard was quickly embraced by all of the main broadcast audio equipment vendors, and compatibility modes announced by all of the major competing networking audio vendors: Livewire, Q-LAN, Ravenna and Dante. Outside of broadcast, there has also been a high level of audio industry acceptance.

AES67 specifies the method for carrying uncompressed 24-bit linear audio over layer 3 IP networks. There are options and choices of sample rates, packets sizes, number of channels and bit depths, but a strict interoperability requirement is made so that all vendors must implement at least the one common set of parameter choices. This requirement is what produces the interoperability between all vendors labelling their equipment AES67.

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