SBE Election 2018

Ryan Phillips, Chapter Election Committee – It’s time for the SBE Chapter 16 Board Officers election. Nominations are now being accepted for the board positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and two Board Directors. Consider nominating those in our industry, preferably within our membership, to find those who can rise to the challenge and help our chapter continue to succeed.

Our chapter survives by the selfless commitment that our members make to keep it going. Officers gain experience and respect from their contributions to our community of broadcasting professionals, as well as lasting friendships. Those willing to aid with the functions of the chapter discover invaluable insight into industry leadership and standards that they can take with them on their career path.

Recognition of skill and talent is a trait of leadership. I urge you to look inside yourself and at other members for the potential to keep the heart of the chapter beating strong. Please privately respond to to submit your nominations. Nominees will be contacted and asked if they would be willing to serve on the board for the coming term.

All board seats come with a one-year commitment, starting on September 1st. Board meetings are typically held the Monday before the monthly member meeting, in the evening, lasting roughly two hours. Training is provided for each seat’s obligations.

It is your participation with this nomination collection effort that directly benefits this organization. Without your valuable input, the strength of SBE Chapter 16 becomes uncertain. Nominations are accepted until the ballot has been sufficiently filled or the deadline is reached. All candidates will be vetted for approval based on qualifying conditions such as good-standing membership, experience, and aptitude. Nominations deadline is June 30th, 2018.