October Luncheon Report

By Jon Kasprick, Chairman – Don Backus of Rohde & Schwarz joined us at the Tukwila Old Spaghetti Factory for our October 10th luncheon. Don described their high-power, solid-state, liquid-cooled, series of TV & FM transmitters. His presentation included their SDE900 Software Defined Exciter for ATSC 3.0. This proved to be very interesting – even for the radio folks. The photos taken from the 90th floor of One World Trade Center while installing new R&S transmitters were very impressive. The attendance was a bit slim. but is expected to bounce back when Burk engineers sponsor our November luncheon. Our December “meeting” will, of course, be the annual Christmas Dinner – December 15th!

Thank You to Allan Freedman for documenting our luncheons in pictures.