November Luncheon Report

A new venue and a hot topic brought out 27 members and guests for our November Luncheon.  The luncheon was held at the KIRO-TV Studios in Seattle with our guest speaker Paul Shulin from Burk Technology.  Burk provided Zeek’s Pizza (Seattle’s best)) for lunch.

Chairman Jon Kasprick opened the meeting with a few announcements and reported board member Marty Hadfield has a new Grandson.  Clay Frienwald brought a report on the recent SECC EAS activities.  Clay reported that a new State EAS Handbook was being prepared for Washington broadcasters.

Paul Shulin discussed ways to get the most out of remote control systems with today’s consolidated transmitter sites.  Paul introduced the Arcturus Remote Control which can handle multiple transmitters.  Paul had a live demonstration of the remote control for eight DTV transmitters ranging in power from 100kw up to 240kw co-located on Farnsworth Peak near Salt Lake City, Utah.

You can view Paul’s presentation in this PDF.