March Luncheon Report

There were 23 members and guests attending the March Luncheon at the KIRO-TV studios in Seattle.  The event was held on March 13 and featured some of the latest products from GatesAir.  GatesAir Regional Sales Manager introduced product managers Tony Gervasi and Kevin Haider.

Chairman Jon Kasparick called the meeting together and conducted a brief chapter business meeting.

The Luncheon presentation included an introduction to GatesAir new Embedded HD Radio Importer and Exporter solutions that will be shown at NAB 3019 in Las Vegas in April

The second presentation included GatesAir Intraplex IP Link family of codecs.  The IP Link codecs are used for STLs as well as audio contribution and distribution networks.  Support for IP multicast and multiple unicast streams enable one encoder to feed multiple decoders.