From the Editor


Well, the existing Fisher board stayed at the helm of Fisher Communications for another year.  Fisher management has been fighting FrontFour, a dissident group of stockholders that managements says wants to break up and sell the company.  The FrontFour group now has three seats on the board and Fisher could face another battle next year as some of the board member terms expire.

The FCC is seeking comments on the new EAS rules revisions.  The changes would affect Part 11 of the commission’s rules governing the Emergency Alert System.  The new changes require EAS participants to process alert messages using the Common Alerting Protocol(CAP).  The changes would also cover the transition to “next generation alert mechanisms.”

The FCC’s revised Emergency Alert System (EAS) rules call for a September 30 deadline for all stations to have the new Common Alert Protocol (CAP) receivers in place. Now the Commission says it will solicit comments on whether it should extend or modify the deadline.  At the Regulatory Session I participated in at NAB, FEMA participants made comments that would make an extension seem unlikely.

Mickey Mouse celebrated 15 years of Radio Disney in May.  The philosophy of Radio Disney has always been simple: Play music that appeals to kids without making their parents either gasp in horror or want to drive the car into a tree.  Radio Disney can be heard locally on KKDZ, 1250, and the format has remained much the same over the years.

Radio Disney and Harold Camping’s Family Radio share Rose Hill transmitter facilities in Kirkland from sundown to midnight each day.  The security of the Kirkland transmitter site for KARR 1460 and KKDZ 1250 was of some concern around May 21, the day Harold predicted for the third time in a couple of decades the end of the world.  The day of doom came and went without incident.  Harold says he may have miscalculated, and is now predicting the end of the world for October 21.

It’s good to see long time Chapter 16 member Marty Hadfield returning to the Seattle Market as Director of Engineering for the Clear Channel Stations.  He most recently was DOE for Alpha Broadcasting’s Portland, Ore., operations where he oversaw significant studio facility upgrades. He has spent much of his broadcast engineering career in the Northwest, starting in 1976, including 17 years as VP of engineering for Entercom Seattle.

See you at the Chapter Luncheon at the American Museum of Radio and Electricity in Bellingham on June 11, meanwhile:


Jim Dalke W7PB