SBE 16 Elections

Elections were held last month and the results show the unanimous re-election of most of the previous Chapter 16 Board Officers to their respective positions;  Clay Freinwald as Chairman, Gary Engard as Vice Chairman, Pat Person as Treasurer and Arthur Willetts as Secretary.  Michael Gilbert remains as a Board Member.  The Board is pleased to announce the acceptance of Annette Parks as a Board Member, who will be replacing Terry Spring.  Mr. Spring’s continual 10 years of service to the Board will be missed.  However, he has offered his ongoing support for the Chapter where it is needed.  The appointed committees officers will continue as well in their respective positions with Jim Dalke as Waveguide Editor, Bryan Lowe as Waveguide Webmaster, Mike Scott as Certification Officer, Arne Skoog as Frequency Coordination Officer (below 1 Gigahertz) and Greg Theis as Frequency Coordinator Officer (above 1 Gigahertz).  Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all that voted.  Thanks also, to Nominations and Election Committee assistant John Monroe.  Next year, Chapter 16 will provide all digital voting for the election.


Elected officers:

Clay Freinwald – Chairman

Gary Engard – Vice Chairman

Pat Person – Treasurer

Arthur Willetts – Secretary

Michael Gilbert – Board Member.

Annette Parks – Board Member

Appointed Positions

Mike Scott – Certification


Jim Dalke – Editor

Bryan Lowe  -Webmaster

Frequency Coordination:

Arne Skoog – (below 1 Gigahertz)

Greg Theis -(above 1 Gigahertz)