April “Luncheon” Meeting Report

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the April 8th Luncheon was held online using the popular “Zoom” online meeting technology. There were 28 members and guests online for the meeting.

Jim Dalke talked about Washington’s “First Informer” legislation and the effect on traveling on broadcast related business. Jim said the State had placed no restriction on travel during the pandemic, but it was a good time to register with the state in the event future events like an earthquake or wildfire could restrict travel.

Alex Brewster talked about setting up equipment at home for the stations on-air talent during the pandemic. He said the biggest problem was teaching the users how to use the equipment.

Stephen Lockwood related his experience of getting the coronavirus while on an engineering trip to the Dallas, Texas area. As he prepared to come home, he felt ill and a trip to the ER determined he had the COVID-19 virus.  After a week sequestered in a Dallas hotel, he made his way home the long way through the Southwest by car. He continues to recover at home.