October Virtual Luncheon Report

The SBE Chapter 16 October Virtual Luncheon was held on Wednesday, the 8th.  Our presenters were Ben Nemser and Danny Ritts of Nemal Electronics.  There were 11 members and guest logged into the Zoom virtual event.

Chapter Chairman Dave Ratener opened the meeting at noon with the announcement of the cancellation of the annual Christmas Party scheduled to be held Saturday December 12 at Ivar’s Salmon House.  Because of the COVID10 pandemic, Ivar’s closed their restaurants until spring 2021.  Dave discussed having a Zoom online Christmas party and asked those interested in participating in an online event to mail their ideas to him at sbechristmas2020@sbe16.org .  There will be a separate announcement posted on the Waveguide at www.sbe16.org .

Danny Ritts demonstrated the latest in fabricating fiber connectors as well as cleaning and testing procedures including interferometry and insertion loss.

Nemal company website: www.nemal.com