Chapter Christmas Party 2020!

This year’s annual SBE Chapter 16 Christmas Party was held online Saturday night, December 12.  Seventeen members and friends joined in the festive Zoom teleconference activities.

Chapter Chairman Dave Ratener opened the session with short business meeting which was followed by an interactive review of chapter related events from the year 2020.

Music for the event was supplied by the festive Rearrangers, thanks to Stephen Lockwood.

Venerable Chapter 16 members Marty Hadfield and Tom McGinley played Santa as John Kasprick’s daughter, Gabrielle played Santa’s Elf as she drew names for the many gifts and prizes.

The winner of the Grand Prize two day stay at “Brody’s Place” in Ocean Shores was Wilson Middleton.

Chapter sponsors donating gifts for the event included Broadcast Tools, Broadcasters General Store, Broadcast Supply Worldwide, GatesAir, Harrington Aerial, RF Specialties of Washington, Telos Alliance, Nautel, Tieline, Vetco Electronics, Wheatstone Corporation, Inovonics, SCMS Inc, The Radio Historian, and SBE Chapter 16.

Feel free to post your thank you notes below in the comments section at the bottom of this page.


Comments so far:

  • Jim Dalke: Party turned out great thanks to good planning.
    Thanks to SCMS for the great Samsung Tab A7.
  • Allan Freedman:  I want the thank SBE-16 for the great Christmas Party. We had a fun time participating in the Zoom Party. the company was great, the gifts were superb, and the food was, wait what…..oh yeah, no food this year. Maybe next year.
    thank to everyone who put this all together.
    Happy Holidays.



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