January Luncheon Report

The January SBE Chapter 16 virtual luncheon was held at noon, Wednesday the 13 online.  The Zoom meeting was called to order by Chapter Chairman Dave Ratener who opened the meeting with a report from SBE National and the retirement of Executive Director John Poray.  Treasurer Michael Brooks gave a brief financial report.

Program Chairman Alex Brewster introduced Presenter Clay Freinwald, who talked about and showed pictures of the new Tiger Mountain Master FM antenna that was destroyed by fire two years ago, knocking six Seattle Class C FM stations off-the-air.

Clay talked about how the fire started with a loose retainer on one of the 32 bays came loose and vibration caused arcing and the radome catching fire.

Alex Brewster showed some of his drone pictures of the fire damage.

Clay related the process of removing the damaged array and installation of the new ERI 16-bay antenna and that no complaints had been received concerning signal coverage from the new antenna.