KRKO + KKXA = 100,000 Watts

KRKO and KKXA are on the air!

From Stephen Lockwood:

KKXA is now broadcasting 10 kW non-directional on 1520 kHz from Snohomish.   Those of you all with HD radios tell us where you can hear it.   It will soon be 50 kW just a few more high voltage problems to chaise down.

The FCC has granted KRKO a construction permit to increase daytime power to 50,000 watts.  KRKO is now a full-time 50,000 watt radio station…FINALLY.    Congratulations Andy!

From Andy Skotdal:

Many of you have been a source of great help and ideas, and it’s been with your assistance that this project is finally coming to pass after 14 years of work.  I appreciate the kind words.  Thank you.

Andy Skotdal

Our August Chapter luncheon speakers will be talking about the KRKO and KKXA transmitter facilities in Everett. Their presentation will bring us up-to-date on the construction and reconstruction of 50,000 watt KRKO-AM 1380 following ten years of land-use litigation and vandalism that destroyed the stations antennas. They will also bring us up-to-date on the second diplexed 50,000 watt transmitter for KKXA on 1520 kHz.

Your comments on the project are welcome.  Please reply below!

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  1. 12th Man
    October 20, 2011 at 9:38 pm

    I’m still waiting for KKXA to launch a website w/audio stream.

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