June Virtual Luncheon Report

The June SBE Chapter 16 Zoom Luncheon was held at noon, Wednesday the 9th.  Our guest presenter was Ben Barber, President and CEO of Inovonics.  Ben did a presentation on time alignment in HD Radio.  Their new “Justin 808” will also match audio levels between the analog and digital programs.  Ben suggested the time alignment process works best when placed in the AES stream before the exciter.  PPM processing has been carefully preserved to prevent problems with the station Neilson ratings.  For more information on the product, go to https://www.inovonicsbroadcast.com/product/808  .

Chapter Vicechair Alex Brewster conducted a brief meet to cover chapter business as well as announcing the annual chapter picnic will be held this summer late July or August at the KIRO-AM site on Vashon Island.