It’s Chapter 16 Election Time!

Nominations for the Chapter 16 Board are due in June. The nominations will be for Board Officers for a 1-year term beginning September 1, 2022.

Send your nominations to the Election Chairman Jon Kasprick at .

Active members are eligible to volunteer for this much respected and community driven position. The first step of the election process is to gather a list of those willing to contribute.

Election ballots will be sent via email through Election Runner. The Chapter election will be held in June and the results will be announced at the Summer Picnic in July. New and tenured members alike are encouraged to come forward, as the only prerequisite is a passion for Broadcast Engineering. This is an opportunity to initiate change and cultivate participation. We hope to see a strong turnout of nominees and a competitive election.

Elected nominees will fulfill the duties and affairs of the Chapter as a Board officer. The Board consists of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, as well as two directors. These leaders are elected by the chapter membership, who in turn may appoint committee chairpersons to act as advisors. Any member of the Chapter in good standing may be nominated. Election shall be by a simple majority of votes cast. In the case of a tie, the election will be decided by a coin toss administered by the election committee.

As stated in the Bylaws:

The Chairman shall preside at all meeting of the Chapter and shall perform all other duties normally associated with the office.

The Vice-Chairman shall assume the duties of the Chairman in his or her absence, and shall assist the Chairman with other duties normally associated with the office. The Vice-Chairman shall be the Program Chair.

The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of the Chapter. The Secretary shall be responsible for the circulation of meeting notices and shall send meeting reports and attendance records to the Society Executive Secretary, and shall keep any other Chapter records as may become necessary. The Secretary shall be the contact person for the Chapter’s attorney, or registered agent, and be responsible for filing the Non-Profit Corporation Annual Report with the State of Washington Secretary of State.

The Treasurer shall be established as the authorized contact with the chapter’s financial institution. The Treasurer also shall be responsible for timely and accurate filing of any state and federal financial forms. The Treasurer shall post an Annual Treasurer’s Report to the Waveguide upon completion of a year-end financial review by the board and/or accountant.