Important Alert from Sage Alerting Systems!

By Jim Dalke, Waveguide Editor – Sage Alerting Systems has announced that they continue to work on the Rev96 update. Sage says they have informed the FCC that the update has taken longer to produce than we had anticipated and that there will be insufficient time for many of our users to install the update by the December 12, 2023, deadline. This is especially important for users with many ENDECs and those with contract engineers with many clients to update. Sage apologizes for the delay and will update this page and keep the FCC informed on the release status as we get closer to a release date.

When Rev96 is released, an Email will be sent to those signed up for our support email list. You can sign up on the Sage Alerting Systems support page if you are not on that list.

What to do in the meantime?

The FCC advises that EAS Logs can be noted with “Operating Out of Compliance” for the first 60 days (until Feb 12, 2024).  After that, a Notice will have to be filed with the FCC.  Consult with your station’s legal counsel for details.