From the Chair – Looking Forward

Uh, no. This is not a replacement for “Clay’s Corner”.  For all of us who know Clay, we are acutely aware that Clay is irreplaceable and I have no intention of committing such a crime against God and Country.

It’s February, 2024 and as always, the next couple of months are very busy.  The SBE Certification Exams are slated for Feb 2-12.  The window for application has already closed, so if you are thinking of picking up a certification, the next opportunity is April 16th during the NAB Show in Las Vegas.  Application deadline is Friday, March 1, 2024.  Submit your application to and we will get a seat reserved for you at NAB for the exam.

Speaking of SBE Certification, there have been some changes worth noting.  Certified Television Operator, Certified Radio Operator, Certified Broadcast Technologist and Certified Broadcast Network Technologist do not require previous experience, nor do they require you be employed in the Broadcast Industry.  If you’re interested in getting certified, you’re in Western Washington and willing to become a member of Chapter 16, the Chapter will pay for your study materials and application fees.  Even those of you who are looking to upgrade your certification, we’ll pay for the study materials and application fees.  The only caveat is that you have to pass the exam.  SBE16 is very fortunate to have the Arne Skoog Memorial Scholarship Fund and we need to use it to further our craft.

Renew Your SBE Membership Now!

With an ever-expanding array of educational benefits available to members, SBE membership is of greater value to the broadcast and media technology professional than ever before. Annual membership renewal for Member, Associate, Senior, Student and most Fellow members of the SBE is underway. Renewal letters and membership cards are in the mail to you. The due date for membership renewal is April 1.

Membership dues with the SBE MemberPlus option remains at $175 and includes all the benefits of traditional membership, plus access to all archived SBE webinars and any new webinars the SBE presents during the membership year (through March 31, 2025), at no extra charge. That’s more than 90 technical broadcast and media webinars available to you 24/7/365.

Traditional membership dues for Member, Senior, Associate and Fellow members remain at $85. Student membership stays at $25. SBE Student Members may choose to take the SBE Student MemberPlus option for $90 when they join or renew. Traditional SBE membership provides discounted education, certification programs and member services as well as opportunities for member interaction in local chapters and with members across the United States and in 18 other countries. The SBE network of 115 SBE chapters provides opportunities for education, local SBE certification exams and professional and social interaction with local media technology professionals. Traditional membership also affords members the opportunity to take part in the SBE Mentor Program, and access to the annual SBE Compensation Survey results, SBE social media and the SBE WEBxtra monthly online meeting.

The fastest way to renew your membership is online at Your membership can also be renewed through the mail, using the renewal form and return envelope mailed to you.  Reminds me, time to make member 23574 legit again…


SBE Life Membership

SBE members who are at least 65 years of age, are fully retired from broadcast engineering work and have been an SBE member for at least 15 consecutive years at the time of applying for Life member status may be eligible for Life membership. There is a one-time $85 application fee ($175 if opting for Life MemberPlus).

Life MemberPlus

SBE Life Members (who traditionally pay no dues) have the opportunity to take the SBE Life MemberPlus option and receive access to all Webinars by SBE for $90. Life MemberPlus is renewed annually. To sign-up for SBE Life MemberPlus, contact Scott Jones at the National Office at 317-846-9000 or


If you have questions about your membership renewal, please contact Scott Jones at the SBE National Office at 317-846-9000 or

Somewhere out there, you might not have noticed that the SBE is offering FREE webinars that have some pretty decent information in them.  Coming up on Thursday, February 8 at 11:00 AM (Pacific Time) is “Why Worry About Your Air Chain?”  Mike Pappas, Field Engineer and VP of Business Development at Orban takes you on a cosmic, yet terrifying tour of AM & FM air chains large and small where a plethora of problems can be found.  It’s worth the hour of your time.  Sign up here:  When you sign up and attend the webinar, you get credit for attending a meeting and your chapter also gets credit for you attending a meeting.

On February 15 from 11:00 to 12:00 Pacific Time is “Applied RF Basics – Module 4” with Gary Cavell of Cavell Mertz & Assoc, Inc and Jeff Welton, CPBE, from Nautel.  This is a great series filled with information that is a good reminder even if you already know everything there is to know about RF.  Sometimes a review of the fundamentals gets our brain out of the clouds and back down to earth where it belongs.  Pro Tip:  This seminar will run long, but there will be some great stories to make it worth the additional time!

The SBE WEBxtra is on February 9th from 12:00 to 1:00 Pacific time.  WEBxtra is accessed here: and is the virtual chapter for those members who can’t make it to chapter meetings and for non-members who are interested in the broadcast industry.  If you are a certified member, SBE WEBxtra counts the same as attending a chapter meeting.

Most importantly on the calendar, is the Seattle SBE16 Chapter meeting on Tuesday, February 13 starting at 11:45 at Round Table Pizza in Federal Way.  This month we welcome Gary Luhrman, Sales and Marketing Manager at Inovonics.

Coming Up…

The 101st edition of the NAB Show April 13-17 in Las Vegas.  If you are going, now is the time to book flights and hotels.  NAB and SBE have teamed up to offer two education tracks this year.  The first is RF101 Bootcamp, designed for those with a predominately IT-oriented background the foundational information regarding transmission methods and equipment so that they can effectively function in these disciplines, and Media Over IP Essentials, covering both video and audio implementations. The RF101 track is being assembled by Jeff Welton, CBRE, and the Media Over IP track is being crafted by David Bialik, CBT, and Fred Willard, CPBE, 8-VSB, ATSC3, CBNT. The Workshop concludes with a joint session on management skills. The two-day workshop includes lunch breaks.

Details on the sessions and speakers are being added to the SBE website. Register for the Workshop at the NAB Show website.

The NAB Show registration options are available online. The SBE Ennes Workshop is listed under Workshops and Training. Use SBE24 for the SBE member free exhibits-only code + $150 off core education collection (the main conference bundle).

SBE16 Summer Picnic.  It might be in July, it might be in August… It will definitely be on Vashon Island and will include a “transmitter crawl” of some of the most amazing AM transmitter plants to be seen anywhere.  With any luck, we might have a surprise guest speaker or two!

Let’s talk next month.

Brian Walker

Seattle SBE16 Chapter Chair