Certification News – April 2010

Certification Report / Final 2009

2009 New Certifications and Recertification’s are up from the 2008 totals.

New Certifications are up 32 compared to this time last year.

Currently there are 59 exams scheduled for the February 2010 session.

This year the certification Committee did a full review of the question database. The committee is in the process of rewriting outdates questions to reflect current technology and rules.

2009 Totals:

  • 464 New Certifications
  • 290 Recertifications
  • 44 Life Certifications
  • 150 Exam Failures
  • 19 Exam No Shows
  • 359 CertPreview Orders

Well – ‘April showers’ bring Spring flowers. Consider starting this Spring in ‘style’ sign-up for the certification test that high-lights you professional level.

Certification Application Deadlines:

  • April 16, 2010             @Local Chapters        Test Date: June 4-14, 2010
  • June 4, 2010                @Local Chapters        Test Date: August 6-16,2010
  • September 17,2010     @Local Chapters        Test Date: November 5-15,2010


To raise the professional status of broadcast engineers by providing standards of professional competence in the practice of broadcasting engineering. To recognize those individuals who, by fulfilling the requirements of knowledge, experience, responsibility, and conduct, meet those standards of professional competence. To encourage broadcast engineers to continue their professional development.

For more information and/or application forms please feel free to contact Michael Scott, CPBE.

E-Mail okscott@halcyon.com ; Voice (253) 680-7756 ; FAX (253) 845-5882