How can I become a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers?  You may qualify as a member if at least one of the following applies to you:

  • You are actively engaged in broadcast engineering or its allied fields.
  • You hold an academic degree in electrical engineering or its equivalent.
  • You have scientific or professional experience in the communications field,
    including the design or marketing of broadcast related products;
    have at least four years of active participation in broadcast engineering
    or its allied fields and have demonstrated acceptable technical proficiency.

You can find membership information and applications at
Apply Online Now by copying this address into your browser:

or download a PDF Application.

Member Name Location
Adams, Gary Bellingham, WA
Aldrich, Brady C. Wenatchee, WA
Anderson, Clifford E. (CPBE) Auburn, WA
Ark, Chris (CBT) Tukwila, WA
Barrera, Luciana I. (CTO) Federal Way, WA
Bates, Solie J. (CTO) Poulsbo, WA
Batt, Madison J. Mountlake Terrace, WA
Blue, Yezmin E. (CBTE, CBT) Tacoma, WA
Brewster, Alexander J. (CBRE, CBNT) Bellevue, WA
Brooks, Michael (CBRE) Seattle, WA
Brown, John H. Olympia, WA
Browne, Deran Bellingham, WA
Buck, Matthew L. Seattle, WA
Burrell, Charlie Seattle, WA
Carvalho, Paul D. Seattle, WA
Dalke, James A. (CPBE, CBNT, 8-VSB, AMD) Bellevue, WA
Davis, Ron R. (CBT) Gig Harbor, WA
Dickinson, Robert W. (CBTE) East Wenatchee, WA
Engh, Dick F. Sequim, WA
Freedman, Allan D. Seattle, WA
Freedman, Melanie E. Seatac, WA
Freinwald, Clay (CPBE) Auburn, WA
Gilbert, Michael H. Bellingham, WA
Hadfield, Martin D. (CPBE) Ocean Shores, WA
Hagedorn, Chad F. (CBT) Tacoma, WA
Hall, Andrew M. Tacoma, WA
Hantid, Jean H. Seatac, WA
Harris, Richard B. Mountlake Terrace, WA
Hill, Michael H. (CPBE) Lacey, WA
Hill, Jenna Redmond, WA
Hillhouse, Cliff (CPBE) Bothell, WA
Hopseker, Earnest R. (CPBE) Newport, OR
Hume, Aaron Shoreline, WA
Hurley, Lee E. (CPBE) West Hollywood, CA
Hutchison, Brynna R. Seattle, WA
Jamison, Walter C. (CPBE) Shoreline, WA
Jarvi, Jared W. Aberdeen, WA
Justman, Jason D. Seattle, WA
Kasprick, Jon J. (CBRE, CEA, DRB) Renton, WA
Kiesow, Lowell E. Tacoma, WA
Krous, Ronald A. (CPBE) Wenatchee, WA
Lile, Jerry L. Vancouver, WA
Lockwood, Stephen S. (CPBE, AMD) Seattle, WA
Lundquist, Peter C SEATTLE, WA
Malick, Gary P. (CBTE) Bellingham, WA
Marini, Larry C. (CBNT) Seattle, WA
McGinley, Thomas R. (CPBE, CBNT, AMD) Missoula, MT
Meinig, Timothy (CRO) Seattle, WA
Middleton, Wilson P. (CBT, CBNT, CTO) University Place, WA
Morris, Olin D. (CRO) Seattle, WA
Osgood, Charles E. (CBRE) Wenatchee, WA
Otis, Patrick J. Edmonds, WA
Peaden, Jason R. Lakewood, WA
Pearl, Caleb (CTO) Auburn, WA
Phillips, Ryan (CBTE, CBT, CBNT, CTO, 8-VSB) Seattle, WA
Portwood, Jackson L. Seattle, WA
Price, John W. (CSRE) Rochester, WA
Putney, William W. Port Townsend, WA
Ratener, Dave L. (CPBE, CBNT) Kent, WA
Ristau, Gregory W. Kent, WA
Ritter, John N. Seattle, WA
Roberti, Rem L. (CBTE) Santa Monica, CA
Robinson, Roland V. (CBTE, CBNT, CTO) Tacoma, WA
Scott, Kenneth M. (CPBE, CBNT) Seattle, WA
Sheppard, Trenton L. (CBTE) Vashon, WA
Spring, Terry W. (CBT, CTO) Carnation, WA
Stevens, James C. (CPBE) Saint John, WA
Stewart, Nathan Stanwood, WA
Stores, Tyler D. Lake Tapps, WA
Thies, Gregory J. Sammamish, WA
Thomas, Chris S. (CBTE, CBT, CTO) Bremerton, WA
Toy, Loren W. (CBNT, CTO) Seattle, WA
Van Liew, Phil C (CEA) Edmonds, WA
Watkins, Lory E. (CPBE) Burien, WA
White, Firdnito J. (CTO) Kennewick, WA
Wilkinson, Donald C. Mukilteo, WA
Willetts, Jr., Arthur L. Lakewood, WA
Williams, David Seattle, WA
Winter, Jr., Joseph N. Tacoma, WA
Witkoe, Ken P. (CTO) Tacoma, WA
Wolfenbarger, William J. Aberdeen, WA
Worby, Mitchell J. (CBT) Tacoma, WA
Yaden, Allen R. Shoreline, WA
Yeamans, Richard J. Everett, WA
84 Members Listed
44 Certified