Regular Meeting Time: Chapter Meetings are regularly held at noon on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Our annual picnic (which includes the July meeting) will be Saturday, July 23, noon, at the historic KIRO-AM transmitter site at 22805 Dockton Rd SW, Vashon, WA.

Picnic Ferry Fares to Vashon Saturday, Morning July 23


Fauntleroy        Pt Defiance

5:10A                5:55A

7:50A                6:45A

8:15A                7:35A

9:25A                8:25A

9:55A                9:15A

10:20A               10:05A

11:15A               10:55A

11:35A               11:45A



Vehicle Under 22′ (standard vehicle)

Vehicle & Driver——————————–$26.55

Vehicle & Senior Passenger (age 65 & over) $23.50



Adult (age 19 – 64)——————————$ 6.10

Senior(age 65 & over)—————————$ 3.05

Youth (age 6 – 18)——————————–$ 3.05

(Fares are collected for round trip.)


Ferry schedules to Vashon for July 23

The Washington State Ferries (WSF) say that “most” of their routes (including those to Vashon Island from Fauntleroy in Seattle and ) have been placed on reduced, alternate schedules, citing crew shortages brought on by the pandemic and a “global shortage of mariners.” The problem is a persistent one as funding and labor shortages have been a recurring issue for the ferry system for decades.