June Meeting Report

June 10th SBE Chapter Luncheon Meeting

Don Miller, a member of the Washington State Emergency Management team was this month’s guest speaker at the June luncheon of the SBE Chapter 16. The meeting was called to order by Steven Lockwood of H&D and Brother Clay Freinwald who now is connected with WSU. If my unofficial count is correct there was 14 members present and possibly 2 or 3 guests. The meeting got underway shortly after 12 at the Black Bear Diner in federal Way. Introductions were made and first up as the warm up guest Chris McGowan. Chris is the current District Director of the local FCC office. She announced that the office is currently working an estimated 30 cases of frequency issues. Visits to Eastern Washington are planned very soon.

The main event followed with Don explaining the highlights of the Second Generation CAP alerting protocol and how the current analog radio system operates. The new current EAS-IP Capable system was also shown.

In closing, Don advised the group: The state has 70 new version EAS units to place in what was called the most bang for the buck. If you think your station can support the system and all of its current and planned future functions then send him a line as to why you should get one and what your coverage area is, and may be Christmas could come in July for you. An estimated cost of a second generation EAS box is $ 2200 to $ 3k. Depending on the manufacturer.

Michael H Gilbert