From The Chair

 – Marty Hadfield CPBE

Here we are in the busy month of October – particularly busy for many of our SBE Chapter 16 members because their jobs have shifted into Fall Sports mode – when just about every sport is on the calendar and being carried on Radio and Television stations across North America.  Stations are presently carrying sporting events that inc golf, baseball, basketball, American and international football, hockey and many more (perhaps not outdoor volley ball), being broadcast weekly from remote locations at high schools, colleges and sporting venues, large and small.

Thinking about all of those events and bringing them, usually live, to the public airwaves, has inspired me this month to extend a special sense of gratitude to our SBE members that are doing their very best professional work in delivering the full spectrum of broadcast facilities support that are required week after week.  Broadcasting has a long tradition of delivering sporting events, from dusty dugouts to stadium air boxes and the themes for our SBE members are the same: coordination and preparation for VHF, UHF and other RPU and IFB frequency usage and sometimes shared telco usage coordination.  The verification of wireless capacities – which is just as important to know if you are using Wi-Fi or LTE-type technologies when the crowd of 500 family and students show up at a smaller community high football school game, as it is when 72,000 people are at a Washington Huskies game, all vying for the precious bandwidth that had been hoped would be available for the broadcast.  The wiring, fiber, general setup and testing – sometimes even being “the voice” of the game that is being carried…all activities that demonstrate the essence of the attitude of ”doing whatever it takes” to get the best possible program delivered to the listeners and viewers that are eager to consume the products that are being delivered to their receiver, in whatever form that may take today.  The general public has come to expect the very best in program content delivery and it is pretty amazing that our industry continues to provide that highly desirable content, particularly as reliably as we do.  It makes me proud of each of our local SBE members that have followed that direction in their careers, providing exciting entertainment, news and information to a general public that enjoys the very best, but has also become willing to listen or view these Remote Broadcast events under sometimes very poor reception conditions, just to hear how “Their Team” is handling the competition from the cross-town school.

Membership in the Society of Broadcast Engineers is an excellent conduit for promoting lasting professional relationships that can help you make a difference in delivering successful Remote Broadcasts…ask a friend in the business if they are ready to join the superb group of people that constitute our membership at Chapter 16 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers.

Practice kindness – Marty H. 206-406-1914