June Luncheon Report

The June Chapter Luncheon was held Wednesday, June 8 at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Seattle with some twenty members and guests attending.  A great lunch that included salad, a spaghetti buffet and spumoni ice cream dessert was provided by GatesAir.

Our luncheon speaker was Nick VanHaaster, Regional Sales Manager for GatesAir.  Nick provided a double header talk including an update on the big TV Spectrum Re-Pack and its impact on transmission facilities.  Nick also talked about the new green trend to liquid cooled, high efficiency transmitters

Marty Hadfield, Chapter President, provided the following thanks to Nick:

Nick – thank you for your fine technical presentation today. It is always good news for the whole community when significant improvements in electrical load efficiencies are shown to be achievable in high power Broadcast equipment that is used around the world on a 24x7x365 basis. The future of utility power distribution infrastructures everywhere, may depend on that scale of participation to ease the Broadcast industry’s impact on utility grids, from whatever power generation source is locally available.

Additional improvements brought by modern Broadcast transmitters that operate with all buss voltages well below 100 VDC, albeit at much higher current than conventional tube-type transmitters, the worker safety factors and reduced attraction of dust that can lead to arcing, are welcome benefits.

The picture gallery below was provided by our Chapter Photographer, Allan Freedman.