From The Chair

Yezmin Blue

Looking for Mentors!  Greetings SBE Members & Friends,

In fall of 2016 SBE National began the SBE Mentor program for those that are interested in providing guidance, learning opportunities, and giving back to the Broadcast Engineering community.

The SBE Mentor Program is a great way to contribute to the SBE community and to obtain credits for re-certification.


The SBE Mentor Program focuses on helping newcomers into the broadcast engineering field by pairing them up with a seasoned engineer.

The goal is for both mentor and mentee to share knowledge and experience during the course of a year. Connecting by phone at least once every two weeks.

Currently we have one mentee looking for a mentor in the Seattle area working in TV. I cannot stress enough that without guidance in this ever evolving field it is difficult to achieve success.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor or a Mentee please check out the link below and apply today.


You will find on the link all the requirements and contacts to answer any additional questions:

Regards, Yezmin Blue