From the Chair

Yezmin Blue – Chapter Chair

Dear SBE Chapter 16 members,

It’s been a year since I have had the opportunity to be SBE Chapter 16 Chair and what a ride.  I became part of the board five years ago and have participated in a few positions throughout that time, two years as secretary, one year as Director # 2, yep I took a year off, and this final year as Chair.

This has been a unique opportunity to work with some incredible, smart and dedicated individuals.

It’s until you have volunteered for an organization for a long period of time that you can view and realize the time and work that is needed to complete a task.

I call out one last time from the Chair position to all its members that have yet to participate in the Chapters board group, to take the time to volunteer for a year or two. This will be a valuable experience that you will cherish in the years to come. As well as providing to all the members of our group some of your skills and ideas.

Without volunteers, we have nothing or no one that can maintain programs and events in the future.

The 8 positions that the board meets twice a month; one for the board meeting, and one for the luncheon. These meetings occupy a few hours or so of time. There are several sub committees that allow you to work at your own pace a few days a year.

One of the goals of several of our members for the last couple of years has been to take our Christmas party to a different venue. This was also my goal, however, so far it has yet to pan out, mostly due to financial reasons.

If you can’t volunteer, another way to help your chapter is to help us look for sponsors.

As a nonprofit organization, we need sponsors to help us offset the cost of the different events we have, luncheons, the yearly picnic, the Christmas party and without them, we are not able to improve on all of them.

We had set the museum of flight as a possible contender for our Christmas party. Sorry, to say this year will not be it. However, the 2017-2018 board will continue to work hard to provide great events for all its members.

Please join us in the upcoming Fall Chapter 16 activities and stay informed of location by visiting frequently

Upcoming events include Board meetings, Bob Orban, Black magic, and our annual Christmas Party.

Regards, Yezmin Blue, Chair, SBE Chapter 16 Seattle