From the Chair

Welcome to November!

We’ve had our first snow this fall, the holiday season has arrived, and children everywhere are dreaming of become broadcast engineers.  Ah, come on, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad!

Many of our members enjoy “playing” in the snow.  These are the folks that drive to their mountain-top “office” to service the many FM transmitter sites.  Arthur Willetts posted a link to an article with a very nice video from Oregon Public Broadcasting to our remailer October 17.  While you’re watching, pretend it’s 10 degrees, blowing, and 4 feet of snow!

December 16th, don’t forget our annual Christmas Party – RSVP ASAP!  As is our tradition, this will be a fabulous evening at Ivar’s Salmon House with good friends, music, food, fun and GIFTS!  There’s usually an appearance by someone from WAY up north – if you catch my drift. See what I did there?

So, that brings me to the unicorn.  The truth is, not all students want to become Broadcast Engineers.  It seems that there won’t be enough of them to keep things running in a few years.  Are we going to allow that to happen?  That wouldn’t be responsible of us.  The institutions determining what is taught NEED OUR HELP!  Nobody knows more about what it takes to be one of us … than one of us!

As an example, Bates Technical College is in need of assistance with their Curriculum Advisor Committee.  This is an excellent opportunity for some of the (semi-) retired members to pass on their wisdom to the next generation.  Details were posted by Arthur Willetts in the chapter remailer October 26th.  Please consider contributing your expertise to those who will follow your footsteps.

Finally, if I didn’t mention it already, don’t forget to RSVP for the Christmas Party – .

See you at the next meeting!

Jon Kasprick, PE, CBRE, DRB, CAE, Chairman, SBE Chapter 16,