June Luncheon Announcement

The June Chapter Luncheon will be hosted by Broadcast Electronics and the Elenos Group at the Federal Round Table Pizza on Tuesday, June 13th, at noon (Location details on the Meetings tab above). Perry Priestley, Chief Sales Officer, will discuss BE’s program to design the ultimate broadcast transmitter. Perry Priestley has worked in the professional broadcast industry for over 49 years. He joined Broadcast Electronics in June 2019 as Chief Operating Officer and now is the Chief Sales Officer. Perry has presented at over 200 technical broadcast conferences worldwide, has been the lead commercial coordinator in notable projects worldwide, and has significantly contributed to many new product releases in the radio and television broadcast market.

Broadcast Electronics was established in Quincy, Illinois, in 1959. BE has an illustrious history that has played an influential role in many radio milestones.

The Elenos Group has been providing high-tech solutions for broadcasters under the brands of Elenos, Broadcast Electronics, Itelco, and Pro Television for nearly 65 years in over 170 countries.

Perry is also presenting at SBE Chapter 124 on Wednesday the 13th, SBE Chapter 76 in Eugene on Thursday the 15th, and SBE Chapter 141 in Medford on Friday the 16th.