Sage ENDEC update required by March 11

Jim Dalke, Editor – To ensure compliance with FCC regulations on CAP Prioritization and national message text, please install the upcoming update before March 11, 2024. Priced at $159, the update is available through any Sage US distributor (including SBE Chapter 16 sponsor BSW) and is compatible with all 3644 ENDEC hardware. Note that Rev95 must be installed prior to upgrading to Rev96.

Owners of any Model 3644 Sage Digital ENDEC purchased new from dealer stock after December 12, 2021 (serial numbers B418750 to B429999) are entitled to a complimentary Rev96 update. Once acquired, or if your serial number falls within the free range, visit the download page for installation instructions.

Rev96 introduces replacements for expiring security certificates (mid-April 2024) and supports the issuance of new certificates starting April 1, 2024, vital for FEMA’s alert validation requirements under Part 11.56(3)(c).

Beyond FCC mandates, Rev96 enhances user experience with features like automated emailing of conformance reports, required alert summaries, and weekly comprehensive logs. This streamlines log data acquisition and review, reducing reliance on ENDEC access and aiding in identifying compliance issues such as missed or failed alerts. Refer to the release notes for additional enhancements.