Looking Forward – June 2024


Brian Walker
Chapter Chair

Brian Walker, Chapter Chairman – Well, it was bound to happen at some point.  The SBE website (www.sbe.org) is down.  Chris S. is busy working with SBE’s web host to get the site back up.  If you go to the site right now, the Sign In window is not for your Member Number and Password.  In our monthly meeting for SBE Chapter Chairs, Chris let us know that he is hoping to have the website back up and running by the end of the week (6/7).  An email will go out to all SBE members when the site is back up and running.

Now is a good time to think about your own website and the station’s website.  If you’re still running html1 maybe its time for an upgrade.

On a more cheerful note, the SBE16 Board of Directors has made their selection for “Seattle’s Engineer of the Year” Award.  This year, we have selected Jim Dalke.  Jim’s career in Seattle started with KING-TV.  He chose to work for KING-TV because they were making the transition to broadcasting in color and that interested him.  Jim remains active with Broadcast Station Self-Inspections and is a fantastic resource for ensuring your station is compliant should the FCC ever want to take a close look at your facility.

Continuing onward with good news, the annual SBE16 picnic is set for Saturday, July 16.  As always, it will be held at the KIRO-AM Transmitter site on Vashon Island.  It’s at the intersection of Dockton Road and SW 228th Street.  Turn on the Satellite feature on Google Maps and you will spy a large field with a couple of towers and a large white building.  You do not have to be a SBE member to join us at the picnic.  All are welcome.  Steve Lockwood from Hatfield-Dawson will give a presentation on some of the Mega-Watt projects he has been working on.  Jim Hatfield will talk about the history of Broadcast Transmitting from Vashon Island.  Jim’s father built the KIRO-AM transmitter site and Jim grew up in a house next door.  To cap off the afternoon, we’ll have the annual Transmitter Crawl of all the AM transmitters on Vashon Island because who doesn’t want to check out 50,000 watt transmitters?  Especially one from the 1940’s.

If you are coming from Seattle, catch the Southworth-Fauntleroy Ferry from West Seattle and get off on Vashon Island.  If you are coming from the South catch the Port Defiance-Tahlequah ferry out of Ruston.  The good news is that your ferry ticket is good for the round trip, so you don’t have to pay to get off the island.  If you plan to join us, please send an RSVP email to chair@sbe16.org so we can get a count of how many burgers we’ll be cooking up for lunch!

I wish I had more to share, but the SBE website is down.  I will post more as soon as things are up and running again.

Let’s talk next month.

Brian Walker

Seattle SBE16 Chapter Chair